NiSALS Bylaws

Background & Mission

The Neuroimaging Society in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (NiSALS) is an international consortium of clinicians and neuroscientists undertaking neuroimaging research in ALS patients. It has met annually since 2010 to discuss developments in the field. The goal of NiSALS is to promote and foster neuroimaging and associated research to further understanding of ALS and related neurodegenerative disorders, and that has applications towards the goal of therapy.NiSALS is committed to the principles of open scientific communication and collaboration, as well as democratic governance of its organization and activities. NiSALS will work with other professional organizations, and with government and industry, in the promotion of neuroimaging as a vital tool for the study ALS and other neurodegenerative disorders.


Membership of NiSALS is constituted by registration of an active email address at

Data Sharing

NiSALS is committed to the principles of data sharing in a collaborative and transparent manner that is ultimately patient-centered. However, NiSALS recognizes that ownership of data permanently resides with the principal researcher named on the IRB/REC application associated with its collection. A secure, password-protected repository for imaging and clinical data is currently housed and governed by the University of Jena (Germany). All members of NiSALS are encouraged to submit coded data to this repository. Coding will be according to an individual member’s IRB/REC requirements. NiSALS encourages members to develop projects that utilize images stored in the repository, and to engage as active scientific collaborators those who have submitted scans used in collaborative projects. Explicit permission for this should be built into members’ IRB/REC applications. Access to scans and clinical data submitted by members requires written (including email) permission of the member who submitted the scans in question irrespective of the number of scans involved. The member uploading data is responsible for ensuring IRB/REC approval and the data coding. Data will be removed
from the repository upon written request from the uploading member.

Publication Guidelines

NiSALS strongly encourages members who are working together on a collaborative project, to define authorship roles before the project begins. Authorship should be proposed by the lead investigator for the project and agreed to in writing (including email) by all co-authors prior to initiation of the project. Authorship credit should be consistent with the principles and guidelines developed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), and all members who have submitted data specifically used in the proposed publication must be offered a contributory role, regardless of the number of scans involved. NiSALS requires authors to reference “NiSALS” either in the authorship line or in the acknowledgement section of the manuscript.

Version 1.0 Approved unanimously by attendees of the 3rd annual meeting, Miami, USA, 9th December 2012